Our New Business Name/Website!

March 26th, 2012 , Posted in uncategorized

We have been getting some inquiries from this blog lately and just wanted to be sure everyone is aware that we have changed the business name AND our website!

If you would like to book with us  — please see our  new business blog at:


or email us directly at keri@kerijeanne.com

our new website is also under construction but feel free to bookmark it as it will be getting a face lift too!!


We can’t wait to see your smiling faces!
Stay beautiful,
Keri :)

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Family love. |Ipswich, MA family lifestyle photographer| Keri Jeanne – Photographer

July 22nd, 2011 , Posted in clients, friends, ipswich family photographer, ma family photographer, ma photographer, massachusetts lifestyle photographer, north shore ma photographer

One of my favorite things and one of the highest complements I can receive is when my clients refer me to people they know and love.  Some of my great friends, the Kagan’s, who I have done multiple sessions with (and still need to back blog as a matter of fact! Love ya, Gatey!) are family with this sweet family!  It is such an honor to share family memories and I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to meet such fantastic people!

Although the day started out warm, it dropped a few degrees just in time for us to head out by the water for our session! We started by the Ipswich Yatch Club as the sun was starting to set.  With a very quick stop at the marsh due to way too many green heads,  (ouch!) we decided to go back to their house where the kids showed me their awesome tree swing! For someone like me who doesn’t like heights, and who is a paranoid Mom at times, it did make my heart skip a beat or two, but the smiles are their faces were worth it :)

sibling love!giggles!sweet smiling girlbeautiful big sisterGetting ready to swing high!


Such a beautiful family!

Courtney and Mark – Your family is absolutely beautiful.  It was so wonderful spending the evening with you! I can’t wait to show you the rest of your gallery! We will be in touch soon.

Much Love,

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loved. | Ipswich MA family photographer – Keri Schimpf

June 2nd, 2011 , Posted in clients, ipswich family photographer, ma family photographer, ma photographer, ma toddler photographer, massachusetts lifestyle photographer, massachusetts toddler photographer, north shore ma photographer, uncategorized

Sometimes I look at my own children and realize just how fast the time has gone, other times it’s my clients that remind me just how quickly these little blessings grow up!  Three years ago this week, I met this sweet family.  Tammy had just had Noah and I was blessed to do his newborn photographs!  I remember taking those photographs like it was just last week, but today, chasing him around the fantastic   Crane Estate at Castle Hill reminded me that they really do grow up before you know it! Not only did I get to spend the afternoon on Tuesday chasing him, I got to meet and play with his younger brother, Caleb too!
It was so great to catch up with their Mom and Dad – Especially since this location is where they had their engagement photos!  We had a beautiful day and beautiful sunlight the entire session today.  Despite being blocked off from the Castle due to a prom Tuesday, we found an alternate location on the grounds that was just a great!





Tammy and Josh – It was so wonderful to spend the afternoon sharing some of your family memories.  I hope we capture some of the little things you love the most about your family! It was so much fun catching up – Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Much Love,

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five. |my own.

June 1st, 2011 , Posted in family, love, ma family photographer, ma photographer, motherhood, passion, passionate photography

Five has been my favorite number since I can remember. It is always my lucky number when I have to pick one; It is always the number I pick when someone says “choose a number between one and ten!”  It is the number I picked for every sport I played. But today, it has a different meaning.
Today, my sweet baby boy, turns 5 years old. F.I.V.E. How in the world did that happen!? I know every parent says time flies by once you have kids, and I know that that is the case, except today I actually feel it passing too quickly. Up until today, I could still refer to Jackson as ‘my little man,’ or ‘my little dude,’ but now, he is totally a big kid! His next school year is going to be when he starts elementary school! That is just crazy to me – there doesn’t seem to be enough time that has past since the first time I held him that he should be going to kindergarten in the fall! On the other hand, days like yesterday when that sweet baby boy reminds me he can be a clone of ‘Denise the Menace’ I believe he is in fact, a big kid! But I’ll take it. All of it. I don’t care how old he is, he will always be my sweet baby boy. I guess all those hundreds of children’s books are right – once mommys baby, always mommys baby.


Jackson David -

Happy Happy Birthday! I cannot believe you are already 5 years old! You have been waiting for this birthday your whole life (so far!) You often remind me, you can have gum ‘when you’re five,’ you can have friends sleepover ‘when you’re five,’ you can have ‘two treats instead of just one ‘when you’re five.’ Well, here you are.  You are five! You have grown up so quickly and I have seen your smiling face everyday become more and more fascinated with everything you do. You greet everyday with such curiosity. You are always searching to figure things out, move things, switch things.  The way you translate concepts amazes me. The way you put things together and make connections completely blows me away. Your smile is killer! Your giggle is infectious. You heart is without boundaries.  You are one of the funniest little guys I have ever met, I adore your sense of humor!  You are just like Mommy when you love to laugh! I love watching you play with your sister who adores you and wants to be your very best friend. Youre kind and gentle (except when she wants a turn before you’re finished!) and you are very considerate of all your friends.  Your family loves you so much and we have loved watching you grow every day of your five years so far!  Thank you for teaching me so much as your Mommy.  You have taught me things I never would have dreamed.  I cannot wait to see what’s waiting for you in this next year.  You are my sunshine and I love you with all my heart and soul.


You are and always will be, my I love you.


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Father’s Day Promotion – Family Photos in Dad’s Hand!

May 28th, 2011 , Posted in clients, ma family photographer, ma maternity photographer, ma newborn photographer, ma photographer, ma toddler photographer, massachusetts lifestyle photographer

So Dad has everything. He’s difficult to buy for. You want to do something different but you can’t think of anything on your own? Lucky for you, we can help you!

Our Father’s Day promotion this year is a bit different than years past.  Instead of our mini sessions that we typically offer (although those are still available!) We have decided to make it easy and fun without the difficulty of scheduling and weather issues – How do we do that? Well, we will load all the images from  any and all past sessions you have had with Keri onto a new ipod touch!  Yup, that’s right – Instead of giving Dad just the blank ipod touch – Why not load it with all your family memories already and he can carry the family pictures everywhere he goes!   If you’re feeling like you need to personalize it even more, just let us know what you want it to say and we’ll even have it engraved on the back!

Nothing like giving Dad all your family photographs in one place, and allowing him to have them in his hands no matter where he goes! Business trips, vacations, the gym – He will have them all.  When you call from home you can set it that a picture of your family comes up! Dad can make the background picture a picture of the kids from the session on the beach, or the park, or at the house!  We can show you a few tricks that will make it even more special when he opens the box – What’s more personalized than that!

Remember – if you have had 3 sessions with Keri, we will load ALL the images from your galleries onto the itouch. What a great way to keep all your family images in one place!

*Cost: ipod touch 8GB $275 — ipod touch — 32GB $350

***If you’d like to schedule a Mini Session we will include those as well.

Orders must be received by: June 15th.

iPod-touch-4G copy

Can’t wait to hear about how much Dad loves his gift!

Much Love,

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